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Welcome to Periscope Group. You’re here looking for answers and you’ve come to the right place.

Our purpose is simple: we provide support, education and if needed, we can connect you to legal counsel for those that have been injured by an unsafe drug or medical device. We’ve worked with too many patients over the past three decades whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of an unsafe drug or device. We’ve witnessed countless people who have experienced extreme pain and suffering, are unable to work, and have had to watch medical bills pile up while trying to get their lives back on track. It’s frightening and there are very few resources to turn to.

We know that as an individual, standing up to big pharmaceutical companies that gamble with people’s lives and livelihoods is scary; it seems like an impossible battle to win. However, when we join together, we have power. We have helped hundreds of thousands of consumers understand what caused their injuries and facilitated their path to financial settlement.

We believe that the situation our clients find themselves in is a symptom of a bigger problem – we lack proper checks and balances on the drugs and devices available for treatment. Because of this sad reality, we work with not only the injured and their families, but also advocacy groups and lobbyists to fight for patient rights and push for change. We passionately believe the solution to fixing this problem needs to be a collaborative effort among patients, their families, advocates, and legal counsel.

And let’s address “legal counsel” and the view that these types of cases are “frivolous”, “without merit”, and a “way for greedy lawyers to make a lot of money”.

Fact is that I have worked with lawyers for three decades, and like any industry, there are some really great lawyers that are in it for the right reasons – and some that are in it for the wrong reasons and should not be in this space. Welcome also to the Financial Sector, Politics, Journalism and the list goes on. Unfortunately it’s not just the legal space.

But without the qualified lawyers that specialize in defective drugs and products that help consumers, there would be no one fighting for them at all. So even if the lawyers get a fee at the end, they don’t get paid unless they get a successful settlement of verdict for you, which is why these cases are contingency based only.

And while lawyers may not always win a popularity contest, they also aren’t killing anyone for profit either. So at the end of the day, drug and defective device companies are running amok on our health for profit, even if it means disabling and killing countless consumers a year, because money is apparently more important than safety or our health.

Please focus on THAT being the problem – not the lawyers.

There is nothing wrong with making money. Being profitable is a good thing, but when it is more important than people’s lives and their families, make no mistake, THAT is the problem – AND there is nothing frivolous about a family’s or individuals pain and suffering when it does hit close to home.

I have seen both sides of this for 30 years and as frustrating as the system can be, the worst part is we live in these United States and there are health crimes happening every day in this country. It appears that the biggest white-collar pushers of drugs are our own publicly traded companies and seem to be beyond the law. There is no deterrent for them like jail time, or having their golden parachutes taken away, nor do their boards of directors seem to be stepping in, as they should. It’s a “trickle down” systematic problem.

So no matter how you feel about lawyers, when they are on your side and you need them, they are an essential part of the legal ecosystem and we have been lucky enough to cultivate a group of really great ones that are in this for the right reasons, financial model or not.

The pain is real. The loss of income, job, health care, love and living is real. So lets all focus on the end game here.

You know the old saying, “Don’t hate the players, hate the game”.  We all hate the game and that consumers are so exposed, but it takes so much money, time and resources for people to fight back at a time when people are sick and need help. Consumers are not road kill but we’re being treated as such. That is the problem right now and we CAN’T address health care in this country until we address the FDA, how drugs are put on the market, vetted and mass marketed as well as why there are no consequences except monetary settlements which the drug companies control and dole out as they please.

We must all ask for help when we need to and shouldn’t be penalized by our doctors, employers, or drug and device companies when that time comes.

That’s why Together we must push for change before things like Opioid Addiction, Bad Products like the Transvaginal Mesh which was put in millions of women, and SO many other areas we talk about on this site before even more people are harmed.

We must demand better warnings and drug and device updates that clearly and thoroughly protect the consumer. We must ensure rigorous drug and device testing. Most of all, we must advocate for meaningful settlements so that these companies know we mean business. The legal system, FDA and pharmaceutical companies have created a complex maze that is almost impossible for the consumer to navigate… but our team of experts has the knowledge, compassion and determination to partner with you on this journey.

If you need help, you just don’t know how to begin, or have basic questions, please email us at or call us at toll free 800-511-3838. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Banmiller


Periscope Group is an organization dedicated to helping people facing injustice due to drug complications or device failures. We are here to advocate for you, provide the resources to educate you, and get you to the finish line.

Our mission is to provide timely information, resources, and introductions to compassionate, reputable legal counsel when people’s lives and livelihoods are at stake. As we connect with new clients in tough times, our aim is to hear their stories, offer support, and advocate for their rights. Armed with a wealth of legal and product knowledge, we are extremely well prepared to help people stand up to corporate wrongdoings that have impacted their health and way of life. As long as we’re around, big pharmaceutical companies cannot silence the injured.

Offering information, resources, advocacy, and a connection to compassionate legal counsel

Information and Resources
We help you further understand your injuries and how to get healthy.

Access to Legal Counsel
We help you gain unique access to a network of trusted legal representatives that will work with you to gain financial settlement for your losses when possible.

Periscope Group has worked for over 20 years in health advocacy. We stay abreast of the latest medical complications to inform the public of wrongdoing and petition congressional representatives for scalable change.

Helping patients connect the dots and cross the finish line


This industry is a maze. It can be hard to connect the dots between the product you used, your injuries, and the right next steps. We offer a step-by-step understanding of this process online and with our advocates by phone.

[Periscope Group] helped me so much with what I was going through. [They] helped me get more treatment for my injuries and are helping me to get my medical bills and treatments covered by the manufacturers in the settlement.

Amy C
Utica, NY

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The Step-By-Step Guide To Taking Action

How to File for Financial Settlement After Injury from an Unsafe Drug or Device

Free Guide Download

The Step-By-Step Guide To Taking Action

How to File for Financial Settlement After Injury from an Unsafe Drug or Device


FDA Approves 1000X Stronger Opioid in the Midst of Addiction Crisis

We’ve all heard about the Opioid Crisis and maybe you’ve even had your doctor reduce or halt your prescription of Vicodin, Percocet, or Tylenol with Codeine (to name a few) in recent years.

Ironically, as prescriptions are decreasing concerning this highly addictive medication, the FDA has just approved Dsuvia, an opioid that is five to 10 times stronger than fentanyl and 500 to 1000 times more powerful than morphine.

Doesn’t this seem counterproductive to solving this drug epidemic that plagues the U.S.?

FDA Approves 1000 X’s Stronger Opioid in the Midst of Addiction Crisis

What is Dsuvia?

Dsuvia is made by AcelRx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and is intended for “the management of acute pain severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and for which alternative treatments are inadequate,” explains Dr. Pamela Palmer, anesthesiologist and chief medical officer at AcelRx.

This new drug comes in pill form and is intended to dissolve under the tongue. Additionally, since it is such a potent medication, it’s only supposed to be distributed and monitored in medical settings to prevent drug abuse.

Other regulations include that a patient may only be on Dsuvia for 72 hours and the prescription will be required to have the same black-box warnings as all opioids concerning the risk of abuse, addiction, and overdose (but who reads a label when you’re admitted in a hospital?).

The Problem with Dsuvia

Opioid abuse has been rampant in the U.S. and offering a new opioid that is significantly stronger may only add fuel to the fire.

“It doesn’t seem reasonable to place another potent opioid on the market at this time, especially when we’re currently still writing 200 million prescriptions for opioids a year,” stated Dr. Raeford Brown, chair of the FDA advisory committee on analgesics and anesthetic drug products. “The need to put a drug like this on the market is not demonstrated.

The ability to manage that drug once it gets past the FDA is not demonstrated…. We know from looking at other potent opioids that have been put on the market in the last four years that once these drugs get past the FDA, there’s very little, if any, control over them, no matter what the sponsor says prior to the time they come on the market.”

More than 115 people die each day in the U.S. from an opioid overdose and opioid misuse costs our country approximately $78.5 billion a year. It seems obvious that offering a stronger drug will only create larger problems, especially when the FDA lacks the funding and manpower to perform post-market monitoring.

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California’s Deadly Camp Fire: How To Receive Financial Support

Once again fires have ravaged California’s forests and have left a multitude of residents displaced. Acres have been destroyed, there is just a charred footprint where thousands of homes once existed, and residents are shocked and wondering how will they ever pick up the pieces to their now broken lives. And for the fourth time in 12 months, faulty electrical equipment has been linked to the devastation.

California’s Deadly Camp Fire: How To Receive Financial Support

While all of the fires in the past year have touched our hearts, “Camp Fire” has hit one of our own team members here at Periscope Group. Laura, the manager of our Call Center, has been busily gathering clothes, toiletries, and other essentials for her parents who lost their home in Paradise, CA. This is their story.

Chris and Jenny’s Story

Chris and Jenny bought their retirement dream home in July 2018 off of Pentz Road in Paradise, CA. Just months later, on November 8, Chris walked outside and quickly noticed that the fire was so close that he could see the smoke swirling at the base of the flames. Just ten minutes later, Chris and Jenny tossed two backpacks containing three days’ worth of clothes, the contents of their safe, their two dogs, and a two-drawer metal filing cabinet into their cars. Chris advised Jenny to “make sure your bumper is touching my bumper the whole way down.” Amidst ash, flames, and wind, they desperately hurried to escape the quickly moving firestorm. Jenny would later describe it as moving through a “Biblical hell.”

They escaped to Chico to find refuge with a relative only to be relocated later that night since the fire was quickly spreading. They moved on to stay with Chris’ aunt who lives in Live Oak.

On the Sunday after their escape, a next door neighbor who was a city official went on an escorted expedition to find out what remained of her home. To her shock and heartbreak, her home had been leveled by the fire along with all of the neighboring homes… including Chris and Jenny’s.

Chris and Jenny have decided not to rebuild. Paradise is unique as compared to some of the other California fire locations in that it’s more of a “mom and pop” type town. There are no big businesses that will start over and many people don’t have the resources to pick up where the fire left off.

Other than the few items that they piled in the car, Chris and Jenny are now left with nothing. Photographs, childhood memories, and their dreams of retiring in Paradise have been reduced to ash. The emotional devastation has been as painful as the physical one.

How Could This Happen… Again?

While Chris and Jenny’s story is upsetting, they are in no way alone in this struggle to rebuild. Three fires last year – Butte, Tubbs, and Thomas – caused hundreds of thousands of acres to be wiped out, cost hundreds of millions of dollars, destroyed over 8,000 structures (most were private homes), and 25 people died. The current Camp Fire exceeds even these tragic numbers. As of November 13, 6,522 residential structures and 260 commercial buildings have been destroyed, 120,000 acres have been burned, and 42 people have lost their lives making this the largest and deadliest fire in California history.

What else do these fires have in common? All of them have been linked to malfunctioning equipment owned by PG&E or Southern California Edison (SCE). In this recent Camp Fire, an Electric Safety Incident Report stated that, “On November 8, 2018, at approximately 0615 hours, PG&E experienced an outage on the Caribou-Palermo 115 kV Transmission line in Butte County. In the afternoon of November 8, PG&E observed by aerial patrol damage to a transmission tower on the Caribou-Palermo 115 kV Transmission line, approximately one mile north-east of the town of Pulga, in the area of the Camp Fire.”   

What Can You Do About It?

We know that if you’re in this situation, you’re probably feeling heartbroken, devastated, lost, confused, and so much more and we want to help. Our legal team has assisted countless people who have lost everything due to mass fires and they can sort through insurance forms and other crucial paperwork to get the funding owed to you. Call (800) 511-3838 or contact us to speak with our Call Center today (and you can even request to speak to Laura!). We want to help you in any way we can.


Image Source: KQED News


Is Your Doctor on Probation? Most Patients Don’t Know

Most patients either call their doctor’s office or visit a website to make an appointment. We think about what health complaints we want to share, write down any questions we may have, and just hope that we don’t have to sit in the waiting room too long.

Is Your Doctor on Probation? Most Patients Don’t Know

However, have you ever consider if your doctor ever had to undergo disciplinary action for sexual misconduct or for improperly prescribing a drug? After all, if they committed a crime like this and caught, wouldn’t their medical license be taken away? Not necessarily. Is your doctor on probation for misconduct?

The New California Law

It’s horrible that so many women have been assaulted, but a plethora of good has come from the female Olympic athletes who spoke out against their team doctor and the women who voiced their stories in the #MeToo movement.

One example of progress can be found in the new California law enacted in September 2018 called the Patient Right to Know Act. This law states that physicians are required to inform patients when they were put on probation for harming those under their care. There is already a public directory in place that shares this information, but most patients are unaware of its existence (if your doctor is in California, you can look for your doctor’s name here. For other states, conduct a Google search that says, “how can I find out if my doctor is on probation in {your state here}?” The website for your medical board should appear.)

With this new law in place, physicians on probation after July 1, 2019, are required to alert clients about their status before an appointment.

Doctors may be put on probation for the following reasons:

  • Sexual misconduct against a patient
  • Drug abuse that can be harmful to patients
  • A criminal conviction which resulted in harm to patients
  • Inappropriate prescribing resulting in patient harm

“It’s never made sense that doctors have had to tell their insurance companies, hospitals and clinics when they are put on probation, but not the people who are most at risk — their patients,” stated Lee Harris, president of the Consumer Attorneys of California.

According to the LA Times, surgeons, osteopaths, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists and acupuncturists are also bound by the new law.

The relationship between you and your doctor is important and you need to feel safe, heard, and cared for to receive the optimum care that you deserve. If you don’t feel this way about your doctor, it may be time to search for a new one. Furthermore, this only affects California. We think other states should follow their lead.

“California doctors must tell patients if put on probation for sexual misconduct under new law”. LA Times. Accessed October 31, 2018.
“New Law Requires Doctors on Probation to Disclose Discipline to Patients”. NBC San Diego. Accessed October 31, 2018.

Periscope Group is not owned by or operated on behalf of any attorney or law firm. We are not affiliated with any drug or medical device companies. We do not host advertisements nor do we accept advertising requests. We are here to help YOU, the consumer, become better educated and supported. You pay absolutely nothing for our help. It’s as simple as that.

Periscope Group is not owned by or operated on behalf of any attorney or law firm. We are not affiliated with any drug or medical device companies. We do not host advertisements nor do we accept advertising requests. We are here to help YOU, the consumer, become better educated and supported. You pay absolutely nothing for our help. It’s as simple as that.

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