Losing property in a fire is devastating. After that comes the stressful and overwhelming task of filing insurance claims, deciding whether or not to rebuild, and determining if you should file a claim against PG&E. We have talked to countless residents of Paradise and many of them have the same questions that you probably do. Here’s what you should know:

8 Common Camp Fire Victim Questions & Answers
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4. If my home is still standing can I file a claim?

Yes, just because a home is standing does not mean it is livable. Most of the standing homes experience other damages that insurance companies do not acknowledge such as pipes under the home melting, wiring in the walls melting, contaminated water, hazardous materials, etc. These homes will still need an extensive amount of work before being “livable” again.

5. How soon should I call my insurance?

Immediately. Some insurance policies can offer displacement funds to help keep you stable. Also, the insurance process can take some time; so the sooner you can start the claim process, the better.

6. Will my insurance cover everything?

Probably not. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will only honor 50-75% of your policy up front. After that, they require an itemized list or proof before paying out on the rest of your insurance policy. Sometimes they will also offer a check up front, but it isn’t your full policy and the money can only go so far. Know your policy and know your rights.

7. Should I pay out of pocket for a lawyer?

No. You should never pay out of pocket on a claim, nor should you pay anything out of your insurance policy. When done right, these claims are based on a contingency fee and the attorney only receives 33.3% of a PG&E settlement. If there is no PG&E settlement, there is no fee.

8. How do I pick a lawyer?

One of the local lawyers we work with has focused on fire-related insurance claims for over two decades. He and his firm are compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy. It is important to avoid law firms who don’t know how to handle these specific types of claims.

Contact Periscope Group today at (800) 511-3838 to talk to one of our team members or contact us now to get the help you deserve. We’re here to answer any other questions you may have and to assist you in any way that we can.


Image Credit: Josh Edelson | AFP | Getty Images