PG&E has been in the news a lot lately and the latest update is that Butte County has decided to file a lawsuit against the mega power company. Regardless of the talks of PG&E and it’s plans to file for bankruptcy, the county feels that PG&E needs to be held accountable for its faulty equipment and should pay for destroyed property and lost wages.


Butte County has filed a lawsuit against PG&E for damaged property, lost wages, and lost business profits caused by last November’s Camp Fire in Paradise, CA.
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While no monetary amount was listed on the Butte County lawsuit, disaster analyst Chris Folkman estimates that it would cost between $7.5 to $10 billion to rebuild Paradise based on reported insurance losses.

So what does the future hold for PG&E, the current and former residents of Butte County, and the millions of PG&E customers? That’s an answer that will only play out with time as this dramatic story progresses in the upcoming weeks, months, and yes, years.


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