The deadliest fire in California history, the Camp Fire, which destroyed the quaint town of Paradise, occurred on November 8, 2018. Within the week, news publications were reporting that there was “pretty overwhelming” evidence linking the start of the fire to faulty PG&E equipment. However, PG&E didn’t announce until last week that their equipment probably caused the fire and was an “ignition point.” Could their admission of guilt benefit the survivors of Paradise?

PG&E just announced that their equipment probably caused the Camp Fire. What does this admission to the survivors who lost everything?
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PG&E’s CA Wildfire Liabilities

PG&E is currently being held accountable for up to $30 billion worth of liabilities for recent California wildfires. Bloomberg shares that, “Cal Fire investigators have found PG&E equipment responsible for at least 17 of the 21 major 2017 fires and referred 12 for possible criminal prosecution.” Additionally, investigators have attributed more than 1,500 fires to PG&E power lines and hardware between June 2014 and December 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Admitting guilt could mean a variety of consequences for PG&E. Late December the attorney general explained that if PG&E was found responsible, they could face any of four possible criminal violations:

  1. Failing to clear vegetation from a power line or pole (misdemeanor)
  2. Starting a wildfire (felony)
  3. Involuntary manslaughter (felony)
  4. Implied-malice murder (felony)

If you lost everything in the Camp Fire, it’s time to hold PG&E accountable. Even though the company has filed for bankruptcy, there is still financial compensation for Camp Fire survivors. Call Periscope Group today at (800) 511-3838. We want to help you if we can.


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