If PG&E is found responsible for November 2018’s Camp Fire in Paradise, CA, they could face murder or manslaughter charges. Should the state’s largest utility company be held accountable for this disaster?


PG&E May Face Murder Charges for Camp Fire
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  • 2010 – PG&E is responsible for a pipeline explosion in San Bruno that killed 8 people and injured 50
  • PG&E was found to have caused 17 fires in 2017 alone. According to CNN, “Investigators determined that in 11 cases the company violated codes regarding brush clearance or related violations and referred the matters to prosecutors. No charges have been filed against PG&E in relation to the violations.”
  • In the Camp Fire, 88 people have been reported dead, 14,000 homes were destroyed, and 153,000 acres were burned.
  • PG&E’s CEO made $8.5 million in 2017 and the company paid another $8 million lobbying lawmakers in Sacramento for the chance to pass their debts onto customers.

Clearly being put on probation for over six years and being fined over $1.6 billion hasn’t scared PG&E enough to put the proper safety measures in place. Hopefully facing criminal charges will bring about the change that Californians need to be protected from faulty electrical equipment.

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Image Source: NBC News