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Category: Health & Wellness

5 Portion Control Tips

Nowadays, the abundance of tasty, addictive foods make controlling your weight & exercising concern for your health difficult. Learning Portion Control Best Practices can help you make the right food choices & stay healthy. Learn Portion Control Tips & Be the Best You!

Learn How Taxotere Can Harm You

Taxotere, a commonly prescribed drug for breast cancer chemotherapy, has been linked to hair loss–even permanent alopecia. Learn all about how Taxotere can harm you. Click for more on permanent alopecia & support groups for women with hair loss.

All About Monsanto’s Cancer Cover-Up

Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer has been linked to cancer. Get a timeline on when the public knew what, alongside a comparison timeline of when Monsanto supposedly knew about the dangers—and allegedly covered them up!

Talcum Powder Dangers

Talcum powder has been linked to ovarian cancer. Get the facts & learn about safe, natural, easy-to-find talcum powder alternatives that work without the risk!