DANVILLE, Calif., May 24, 2018 – Imagine a cheese grater inserted into a vagina. While this image is cringeworthy, it’s a way of life for millions of women who have had transvaginal mesh (TVM) surgery. TVM has been banned in Australia and is under investigation in the UK. Despite the outcry, TVM is still used in the USA even though the problems of erosion, migration, slicing of organs and tissue, infertility and permanent disability have been known for decades.

Transvaginal Mesh is a crime against women
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How does a crime against women like this happen and stay hushed in the best health care system in the world AND in a “Metoo movement” culture? Because it makes billions. (Sound familiar: Enron, Harvey Weinstein, Lehman Brothers?) When there is so much money on the line, no one wants to talk about this destructive pharmaceutical goldmine. But let’s turn the tables and say that mesh was being inserted in mens’ penises and they couldn’t have sex or reproduce. What would happen then?

Mesh is a women’s issue, a family issue and a health care burden issue. It’s time to bring it to the forefront of change.

The Problem with TVM

There are many major factors that make TVM a dangerous epidemic:

  • It was made for hernia surgery and was never tested in one vagina before being mass marketed to women.
  • It’s made from polypropylene, the same plastic used for fishing line.
  • Pharmaceutical companies have made billions of dollars off of this substandard device.
  • TVM was heralded as the “gold standard” and that it involved a quick and simple procedure – in 30 minutes or less (is this a Domino’s Pizza?!) –  but women were never told of the potential for infertility, permanent disabilities, and other severe injuries.

What Needs to be Done?

TVM is illegal in several countries yet in the U.S., TVM is still being used everyday. It’s time that this dangerous device be taken off the market since there are safer procedures available to address SUI and POP.

So the question remains: “What is a vagina worth?” You tell us at info@periscopegroup.com.

Further Information

For more information about Transvaginal Mesh, please visit the Periscope Group website at periscopegroup.com. For interviews, please contact Jennifer Stanich-Banmiller at (925) 964-1485.