Roundup (glyphosate) has been linked to cancer. No, we’re not making up stories or blaming hard working farmers for making a living (in fact, farmers are some of the people most at risk). We just want the public to be informed and educated that some of the very foods that they’re eating and the chemicals that they’re spraying in their garden have been linked to cancer.

Monsanto’s Roundup has been shown to induce cancer in users.
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Here’s what you should know:

Timeline of Evidence Linking Glyphosate to Cancer

2013 – A study performed by the Environmental Toxicology Program, Chulabhorn Graduate Institute in Thailand found that glyphosate fuels breast cancer by increasing the number of breast cancer cells through cell growth and cell division.

2016 – Universities from Brazil and Italy partnered together and determined that exposure to glyphosate “increases the risk for cutaneous melanoma.”

2017 – The State of California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) adds glyphosate to the list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer.

How Monsanto is Hiding Link of Glyphosate to Cancer

Monsanto, the makers of Roundup, are no strangers to bullying and trolling (just check out the comment section to this post on social media). They have been denying the claims against various types of cancer for years. Here are a few past offenses:

1984 – A study sponsored by Monsanto found that 4 out of 100 rats that were given glyphosate developed tumors as opposed to 0 out of 98 who were given little to no glyphosate. Instead, of stating that their product could be harmful, Monsanto claimed that the healthy mice were abnormal and should have grown tumors, too.

1999 – Monsanto hires James Parry, a prominent genetic toxicologist, to prove that glyphosate doesn’t harm DNA and RNA. Parry determines that this chemical does in fact damage genes through a biochemical process called oxidative stress. However, Monsanto fails to submit Parry’s report to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

2008 – Monsanto started lobbying Congress in this year and has spent almost $60 million on this effort.

2014 – A popular politician was paid $335,000 to give the keynote address to a lobbying group funded by Monsanto called the Biotechnology International Organization (BIO).

There are countless other resources that cite Roundup’s link to cancer and that argue that Monsanto is not disclosing all of the information. If you or a loved one used Roundup regularly and now have Non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma, you may be able to make a claim against Monsanto. You weren’t warned of the risk of cancer, and now you are undoubtedly facing overwhelming hardship. Contact us today to see if we’re able to help.


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