Philadelphia, PA – Suzanne Emmet, 60, recently won her case against Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary Ethicon in a battle concerning the injuries Emmet sustained as the result of vaginal mesh. The Philadelphia jury agreed upon a $41 million verdict – including $25 million in punitive damages – to pay for Emmet’s incurred bills and suffering. So far, Ethicon has had to pay $145 million in damages to plaintiffs in Philadelphia alone.

Suzanne Emmet recently won her case against Johnson & Johnson for the life-altering injuries she sustained from having vaginal mesh implants. Find out more here.
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In May 2007, Emmet underwent surgery involving three mesh implants to help with her stress urinary incontinence which was the result of her bladder and rectum sagging into her vagina. The mesh was intended to support these organs to increase bladder control. Unfortunately, within just a few weeks, the mesh started to erode and Emmet began to experience complications. According to World News, “she needed nine revision surgeries and has been left struggling to cope with her pain after the implant perforated her vagina…  the mesh had cut through into her vagina and since then has resurfaced more than a dozen times, with surgeons removing it piece by piece… Her husband’s penis was scratched by the mesh during sex, which he likened to ‘barbed wire’. Emmet says she suffers painful bladder contractions, urge incontinence and that her sex life has been affected.”

To try to fix the mesh complications, “Emmet underwent nine surgeries and almost a dozen chemical cauterizations to address 14 mesh erosions she experienced after being implanted,” states Law 360.

The jury’s decision in favor of Emmet hinged on two critical factors: 1) Ethicon failed to complete the proper clinical trials to ensure that this medical device was safe before putting it on the market and 2) Ethicon failed to warn Emmet that the device could possibly erode and migrate causing permanent damage.

If you’ve had complications due to faulty vaginal mesh, clearly you’re not alone. Some studies have even shown that 1 in 15 women may require full or partial removal of the implant. Evidence has also surfaced that Johnson & Johnson employees were hesitant about the safety of vaginal mesh and suspected that it could turn “hard as a rock” and roll up like a “folded potato chip” inside patients. They even discussed how “shrinkage of the mesh may lead to pain”. Even with these concerns, mesh was still put on the market without further testing.

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