Your life is busy. You work hard to take care of your family and friends, but even in this busy world where the demands are high and the stress is higher, there is one thing we want you to know: YOU MATTER.You have a voice, you have rights and you have the power to change what is wrong in this world. At Periscope Group, you are our priority. You have a story to tell, and we are eager to hear it. You are not one of the crowd. You are not a number or a dollar sign. You are a person with a life worth living full of hopes, dreams and memories to be made. We see you as an individual and we’re here to help you on your life’s journey towards health and wellness.


Sometimes we can feel like fighting for justice is impossible. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is federally regulated, is grossly understaffed and isn’t carefully monitoring products put on the market, the pharmaceutical companies which are created to heal our bodies many times are making us sicker and the legal counsel that we hire many times has their hands tied because of the lengthy litigation game that the pharmaceutical companies force them to play.We know the system isn’t working like it should, but big business and a faulty government cannot take your rights from you. You have a right to know what goes into your body. You have a right to choose the best medical options for your conditions. You have a right to speak out when a company puts dollars ahead of your well being. At Periscope Group, we are here to help you defend your rights. Find out more in our free eBook:

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If you or a loved one has had medical complications due to a faulty device or problematic medication, you are not alone. You are not alone in feeling scared, angry or helpless. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the complicated maze of the legal system. You are not alone in your confusion in trying to figure out what medical and legal terms mean.You may feel like no one knows the pain, suffering and stress that comes with illness, but Periscope Group understands what you are going through. For the past 25 years we have helped people just like you who didn’t know where to turn. We know that it seems impossible to go up against big pharmaceutical companies and we know that lawyers won’t always win a popularity contest, but without their help, the average person wouldn’t have access to the legal system. At Periscope Group, we strive to be different. Our number one priority is you. We’re here to help you live the fullest life possible. That may mean guiding you towards legal representation, giving tips on health and wellness or sharing stories of hope and healing. We are here to partner with you towards the goal of living a healthy life.

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