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You Matter

Your life is busy. You work hard to take care of your family and friends, but even in this busy world where the demands are high and the stress is higher, there is one thing we want you to know: YOU MATTER.

You have a voice, you have rights and you have the power to change what is wrong in this world. At Periscope Group, you are our priority. You have a story to tell, and we are eager to hear it. You are not one of the crowd. You are not a number or a dollar sign. You are a person with a life worth living full of hopes, dreams and memories to be made. We see you as an individual and we’re here to help you on your life’s journey towards health and wellness.

You Have Rights

Sometimes we can feel like fighting for justice is impossible. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is federally regulated, is grossly understaffed and isn’t carefully monitoring products put on the market, the pharmaceutical companies which are created to heal our bodies many times are making us sicker and the legal counsel that we hire many times has their hands tied because of the lengthy litigation game that the pharmaceutical companies force them to play.

We know the system isn’t working like it should, but big business and a faulty government cannot take your rights from you. You have a right to know what goes into your body. You have a right to choose the best medical options for your conditions. You have a right to speak out when a company puts dollars ahead of your well being. At Periscope Group, we are here to help you defend your rights. Find out more in our free eBook:

You’re Not Alone

If you or a loved one has had medical complications due to a faulty device or problematic medication, you are not alone. You are not alone in feeling scared, angry or helpless. You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the complicated maze of the legal system. You are not alone in your confusion in trying to figure out what medical and legal terms mean.

You may feel like no one knows the pain, suffering and stress that comes with illness, but Periscope Group understands what you are going through. For the past 25 years we have helped people just like you who didn’t know where to turn. We know that it seems impossible to go up against big pharmaceutical companies and we know that lawyers won’t always win a popularity contest, but without their help, the average person wouldn’t have access to the legal system. At Periscope Group, we strive to be different. Our number one priority is you. We’re here to help you live the fullest life possible. That may mean guiding you towards legal representation, giving tips on health and wellness or sharing stories of hope and healing. We are here to partner with you towards the goal of living a healthy life.

Your voice counts

There’s a line from a popular movie that says, “I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a crowded room, screaming at the top of my lungs, and no one even looks up."

Have you ever felt that way? There’s so much noise from the media, so many demands from our daily lives and so many issues in the world that we feel like even if we do speak out, no one will hear us.

You do have a voice, and your voice counts. You have the power to be heard and we will help equip you with the tools to make an impact. From signing petitions to writing your legislator to filing a claim against a pharmaceutical company, we will help to equip and empower you every step of the way. Our mission is to help you for one simple reason: change needs to happen. For the past 25 years we have seen lives destroyed and families broken because of debilitating medical devices and dangerous drugs. One voice alone isn’t going to rock the system, but together our voices will make a mighty roar.

Are you ready to share your thoughts and feelings with your legislator? Click below to find your legislator’s contact information.

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You Are Your Best Advocate

Many times we are too scared to stand up for ourselves. “What if my doctor thinks I’m rude by asking too many questions?”  “What if I don’t know the right questions to ask and I get embarrassed?” “What if the answers I get are complicated and confusing?”

The scarier question is “What could happen if I don’t ask?”. Not knowing the answers could put your health at risk.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Periscope Group is here to help you be your best advocate.

Medical Records 

Always keep a copy of  your medical records in case a problem arises. If you don’t have yours, call your doctor’s office today. Every state has a different period for which doctors are required to hold on to patient records. Some states will toss them in as little as one year. Additionally, if you change your maiden name, your pharmacy merges with another company or your information somehow gets lost by the doctor’s office, you’ll always have a backup copy to protect yourself in unforeseen circumstances.

Detailed Reports 

Ask your doctor exactly what he or she is typing into your medical file to ensure your records are specific and accurate. For example, if you are being prescribed a medication, make sure that a detailed record of your ailment is described in your medical record.

Research Medical Devices

If you are having surgery with an implant, ask your doctor what type of implant is being used and research potential complications. Periscope Group has a list of injuries caused by dangerous medications and medical devices. If you don’t see yours listed, please contact  us and we will help you investigate.

Medication Use

Read up on all medications you are taking. When a doctor prescribes a medication for you, protect your health by asking:

  • Is this a new drug on the market?
  • How long has it been on the market?
  • Is it being used for my specific condition? Is this off label use? (For example, Vioxx was FDA approved to help arthritis but was given to patients to help with menstrual cramps. Vioxx was later linked to more than 27,000 heart attacks and sudden cardiac deaths.)

If something does go wrong, speak out on your behalf. You need to be informed at every level and Periscope Group is here to help you navigate the waters of the medical and legal systems.

Your Stories

I had a vaginal mesh put in and I had problem after problem. I saw TV ads and news briefs on the problems so I went to my doctor. My doctor told me it wasn’t the right mesh and not to pursue it, but there was no way to fix me because the mesh had adhered to my tissue. I found out later it WAS the defective mesh and when I went back and asked for my medical records, I was dropped as a client. I felt alone. I have been in such severe pain and the doctor and manufacturer companies are supposed to protect us, not leave us for road kill. When I finally got to talk to the lawyer I felt so much better. They explained they don’t sue doctors (and it’s in the contract) and that the manufacturers who sold this knew how bad it was and put it in us anyway. They helped me so much with what I was going through, helped me get more treatment for my injuries and are helping me to get my medical bills and treatments covered by the manufacturers in the settlement.

I have never had to get a lawyer for anything and really thought litigating wasn’t for me. But when I found out I had vaginal mesh in me that was never intended for my stress incontinence, that the manufacturers knew and had made billion selling it, I was outraged. When I found out it could never be fixed, I was devastated. No one was there to help me work through the doctors’ medical treatments and maybe future corrective surgery like my lawyer. I never thought I’d be a person to have to pursue this, but then again, I never thought I had everything taken from me: my health, job, husband, freedom and life as I knew it.

Please, as a plea from one woman to another, help yourself and help all of us. The more people demanding drug companies take responsibility, the more help and compensation we may be able to get because most of us have years and a lifetime of medical problems.

Share Your Story

Countless people every year experience life-altering injuries due to dangerous medical devices and high risk medications. Many times these people are enduring pain and suffering that they will need to manage for the rest of their lives. Or maybe they lost a loved one due to complications from an untested implant or the adverse effects from a risky drug. Even with these hardships, they are fighting for their rights. With the help of Periscope Group, they found the power to change from being victims to now being victors. Not only are they voicing their stories, but they are empowering others to challenge corrupt business and demand change concerning government regulations. They found their voice, defended their rights and made a difference.

So what’s your story? Tell us here.

Free Guide Download

The Step-By-Step Guide To Taking Action

How to File for Financial Settlement After Injury from an Unsafe Drug or Device

Free Guide Download

The Step-By-Step Guide To Taking Action

How to File for Financial Settlement After Injury from an Unsafe Drug or Device


Do You Have an IVC Filter? Here’s What’s Happening in the News

This month IVC (interior vena cava) filters have been in the news quite a bit lately as lawsuits are settling and more claims are being filed. If you or a loved one has an IVC filter, here are the important updates that you should know about this controversial medical device.

Do You Have an IVC Filter? Here's What's Happening in the News

The Problems Linked to IVC Filters

For those who are at risk for blood clots and are unable to take blood thinners, IVC filters are placed in a large vein called the interior vena cava. The filter is made up of several metal prongs that connect at one end (almost like the frame of a closed umbrella). The hope is that the device will catch any blood clots and prevent them from traveling to the heart or lungs where it could cause extensive damage or even death.

The problem with the filter is that reports have been made to the FDA stating that the device can move causing it to puncture the interior vena cava. This device may also have prongs break off causing the pieces to migrate to other parts of the body creating excruciating pain and putting patient health at risk.

Lawsuit Finds in Favor of Patient with IVC Filter

Just last month an Indiana woman went to trial and won her case against IVC filter manufacturer Cook Medical. 53-year-old Tonya Brand of Snellville, Georgia, had an IVC filter surgery in 2009 and in 2011, a prong from her filter had migrated and pushed through the vein and the skin of her thigh. Other parts had also broken off and migrated throughout her body but are unfortunately unable to be removed. After deliberating for 11 hours, the jury decided that Brand should receive $3 million to help pay for the financial hardships that her injuries have caused.

This is a landmark verdict for patients who have had similar problems with their IVC filters; this is the first case where it was decided that this kind of device has a defective design. This is also the highest monetary compensation that has been awarded for this type of case (a Texas state court jury awarded $1.2 million against Cook Medical in a failure to warn case in 2018).

Upcoming Case to Watch

The newest and most notable lawsuit concerning IVC filter injuries was filed on February 26, 2019 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. This case is said to involve a woman from Missouri who was injured by the G2® Vena Cava Filter (“IVC Filter”) manufactured by C.R. Bard and Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. The crux of this case is based on the issue that C.R. Bard sold a defective medical device and failed to warn about safety risks. Currently, there are 6,300 actions pending in this case. This means that instead of taking each filed lawsuit to trial, the verdict of this case will help to determine the outcome and compensation of the thousands of similar cases brought against C.R. Bard.

Should You File a Claim?

There are now over 9,000 IVC filter lawsuits pending against IVC filter manufacturers Johnson & Johnson, Cook Medical, Cordis Corporation, Rex Medical, C.R. Bard, B. Braun and more. Clearly, hundreds of thousands of people had their lives put in jeopardy and thousands suffered from the terrifying effects of their broken filters. Profits were put before people and if you were injured, you should consider filing a claim to receive financial compensation due to high medical bills, lost wages, and other monetary hardships that you had to endure.

If you had an IVC filter placed in your body between 2005 – 2017 and had it break or migrate, call Periscope Group today at (800) 511-3838. We want to hear your story.


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Study Finds 45% of Mesh Implant Patients Develop Autoimmune Disorders

Surgical mesh is often used in hernia repairs and in American women for stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (it’s illegal in other countries to treat gynecological issues). These medical devices have been linked to complications due to mesh erosion which can cause migration, organ perforation, bleeding, and other serious issues. A new study was recently published that also linked surgical mesh to a high rate of autoimmune disorders. If you have surgical mesh or are considering a procedure that uses a medical device implant, here is the information that you need to know.

Jan Willem Cohen Tervaert, director of the Division of Rheumatology at the University of Alberta, closely monitored his patients and came to a shocking conclusion, “In my practice, I studied 40 patients who had mesh implants and found that almost all of them had symptoms such as chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment known as ‘brain fog,’ muscle and joint pain ‘fibromyalgia,’ feverish temperature, and dry eyes and dry mouth,” stated Dr. Cohen Tervaert. “Of those patients, 45 per cent developed an autoimmune disorder such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. And in the patients who had allergies before the implant, they were significantly worse after.”

The Problem with Medical Device Implants

Unfortunately, complications can arise when any foreign object is inserted into the body. Similar symptoms have been frequently reported in patients who have silicone breast implants. “When a foreign body is put into the body, there is an instant activation of the immune system. It continues to fight the foreign body and eventually, over time, fatigues and becomes dysfunctional,” Dr. Cohen Tervaert explains. “Large-scale studies have shown that patients with breast implants have more symptoms of ASIA (autoimmune/auto-inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants) and an increased risk to develop an autoimmune disorder.

Doctors have determined that patients are genetically determined whether or not they’ll have an adverse autoimmune reaction to their medical device. Dr. Cohen Tervaert found that pre-existing allergies were present in 80% of breast implant patients which just so happened to be the same percentage of patients who had allergies in his patient group involving mesh. While it seems like an obvious answer is to have patients genetically tested for allergies before having a medical device implanted, unfortunately a test like this does not yet exist.

Many patients recovered after having the medical device removed in situations involving breast implants, but this type of surgery is more complicated with surgical mesh. Tissue and nerves can grow in and around the mesh making it virtually impossible to take out the entire device for countless patients.

Discussing your concerns with your doctor and carefully weighing the risks versus the benefits are two ways to protect your health. Also, familiarize yourself with the symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders. The sooner you call your doctor to address these issues, the better chance you have at recovery.


“Surgical mesh implants may cause autoimmune disorders”. Medical Xpress. Accessed December 20, 2018.

Cheers! Roundup Now Found in Beer and Wine

A recent study found that 19 out of the 20 beer and wine samples studied contained small amounts – parts per billion – of Roundup. With such a minuscule number, there’s nothing to be worried about, right? Well, not exactly. Scientists have found that even 1 part per trillion of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, has the potential to stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells and disrupt the endocrine system.

Cheers! Roundup Now Found in Beer and Wine

What This New Study Reveals

The United States Public Interest Group (U.S. PIRG), a nonprofit research organization, tested beer and wine for glyphosate/Roundup to determine “how much Roundup we’re drinking.” U.S. PIRG tested five wines and 15 beers including common brands such as Beringer, Barefoot and Sutter Home wine and Budweiser, Coors, Miller Lite, Sam Adams, Samuel Smith Organic and New Belgium beers. Here are some of their findings:

  • Peak Beer was the only sample that did not contain detectable levels of glyphosate.
  • The highest level of glyphosate found was in Sutter Home wine, at 51 parts per billion (ppb).
  • Even the beers labeled as “organic” contained glyphosate.
  • Large, conventional brands such as Coors, Tsingtao, and Miller Lite showed glyphosate levels above 25 ppb.  

This study came on the heels of a German team’s research which showed that Roundup occurred in every sample they tested in 2016. German brewers were appalled and a follow-up study in 2017 reported marked improvement. Hopefully, this will also be the case in the United States. U.S. PIRG shares that The Brewers Association, which certifies small independent and craft beers, even commented that, “Brewers do not want glyphosate used on barley or any raw brewing material, and the barley grower organizations have also come out strongly against glyphosate.”

The Dangers of Roundup

Monsanto, the makers of Roundup, have claimed for decades that their product is safe. However, many studies have revealed its link to cancer. In 2015, the World Health Organization deemed it a “probable carcinogen” and in 2017 California agreed. In September 2013, researchers from Thailand discovered that glyphosate could stimulate the growth of breast cancer and alter the endocrine system with contamination levels as low as the parts per trillion range. In October 2008, Swedish researchers determined that exposure to glyphosate tripled the risk of a subtype of non-Hodgkin called small lymphocytic lymphoma. The most recent evidence against Roundup and its link to cancer involved California school groundskeeper DeWayne Johnson. Johnson claimed that after years of applying Roundup to the school property, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Toxicologist William Sawyer took the stand and explained that glyphosate bioaccumulates in the skin making it more permeable which allows it to be absorbed into the body. Johnson won $78.5 million in his case.

And Roundup isn’t just linked to cancer. Other health conditions associated with this herbicide include allergies, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, Parkinson’s, gastrointestinal disorders, and more.

Roundup in Other Products

While it may not seem like having Roundup in your wine or beer is a big deal, it has additionally been found in a variety of other common food items. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) published their study in August 2018 which found that 43 out of the 45 oat-based cereals and snack bars marketed to children contained glyphosate. “The highest levels, greater than 1,000 ppb, were detected in two samples of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats. Three samples of Cheerios had glyphosate levels ranging from 470 ppb to 530 ppb.” The EWG’s child-protective health benchmark for daily exposure to glyphosate in food is 160 ppb.

If you love junk food, here are some other popular offenders with high levels of glyphosate:

  • Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips 812.53 ppb
  • Cool Ranch Doritos 481.27 ppb
  • Lay’s Kettle Cooked Original 452.71 ppb
  • Oreo Original 289.47 ppb
  • Kashi Soft Baked Cookies, Oatmeal Dark Chocolate 275.58 ppb
  • Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies 264.28 ppb

The Unknown

Part of the danger of Roundup and glyphosate is the unknown: how much of this chemical are we really ingesting? U.S. PIRG also states that the, “use of Roundup is growing at such a rapid pace that there is enough Roundup sprayed every year to spray nearly half a pound of glyphosate on every cultivated acre of land in the world.”

Maybe we should change our way of thinking: it shouldn’t be “let’s keep using Roundup until it’s proven to be unsafe” but “let’s halt Roundup until we KNOW that it’s safe.”



“Glyphosate induces human breast cancer cells growth via estrogen receptors.” NCBI. Accessed March 13, 2019.
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Periscope Group is not owned by or operated on behalf of any attorney or law firm. We are not affiliated with any drug or medical device companies. We do not host advertisements nor do we accept advertising requests. We are here to help YOU, the consumer, become better educated and supported. You pay absolutely nothing for our help. It’s as simple as that.

Periscope Group is not owned by or operated on behalf of any attorney or law firm. We are not affiliated with any drug or medical device companies. We do not host advertisements nor do we accept advertising requests. We are here to help YOU, the consumer, become better educated and supported. You pay absolutely nothing for our help. It’s as simple as that.

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