5 Need-To-Know Facts About Essure

Essure was advertised as being a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancies, but has proven to be dangerous. Find out why 27,000+ women have complained to the FDA about their Essure injuries.

Approximately 60% of all women of reproductive age are currently using a contraceptive method. Nearly 1 million worldwide chose to use Essure (now pulled from market) as a permanent option for birth control because it sounded like a good decision: it didn’t use hormones, it’s an easy procedure with little to no downtime, and Essure’s brochure boasted that is was “the most effective method of permanent birth control available” — 99.74 percent. Sounds great, right?  Unfortunately, tens of thousands of women have had severe complications due to this medical device.

Here are five facts that you should know if you or a loved one have an Essure implant.

1. 1 in 5 women are allergic to the ingredients in Essure.

Essure contains 55% nickel and 20% of women are allergic to this metal. This can cause inflammation and result in brain fog, migraines, joint pain, tooth decay, hair loss, and more. Many women are unaware of the link between Essure and these health issues. Additionally, women weren’t told about the nickel content nor were they tested to see if they were allergic to nickel.

2. A hysterectomy is often the only way to correct Essure complications.

Many times, the only way to remove an Essure implant is by having a hysterectomy. This is because Essure is a coil-like device that is inserted in the fallopian tubes and the fibers within it causes an irritation. This creates scar tissue to surround the device thereby blocking the tubes and preventing pregnancy. However, this scar tissue also makes it extremely difficult to remove this device.

3. Essure received the highest warning from the FDA, and Bayer pulled the product...

The FDA required that Bayer, the makers of Essure, put a mandatory black box warning on the product label in 2016 - the highest warning that the FDA gives. Bayer voluntarily pulled Essure from the market on July 20, 2018 due to a decline in sales.

4. ...curiously this happened just 1 day before a Netflix expose released.

Curiously, this occurred just one day before Netflix released a new documentary called The Bleeding Edge which focuses on Essure, Transvaginal Mesh (TVM), and other dangerous and compromising issues associated with the medical industry and the FDA.

5. Essure can lead to punctured organs throughout women's bodies.

Essure can migrate in the body and may not stay in the fallopian tubes. Women have reported severe injuries such as the device being embedded in the uterus or puncturing the fallopian tubes and other organs.---If you had an Essure implant and had a hysterectomy, ectopic/unsustainable pregnancy, allergic reaction to nickel or if your implant migrated, you may be entitled to a financial settlement. Essure has caused life-altering health complications in tens of thousands of women, and their reason for pulling it off the market was due to a “drop in sales”. Bayer needs to be held accountable for their dangerous product and your voice should be heard. Contact Periscope Group today. We want to hear your story.

We can’t let Big Pharma get away with this!

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