How Drugmakers are Profiting from Medicaid at Cost of Taxpayers

Medicaid’s initial purpose was to “provide health coverage to low-income people” and is now one of the largest payers for healthcare in the United States. The problem is that while this government run program appears to have good intentions, the truth behind the prescriptions tells a very different story. Apparently pharmaceutical companies have been influencing doctors to use their medications for Medicaid recipients at the high cost to taxpayers and at the risk of patient health.

How Drugmakers are Profiting from Medicaid at Cost of Taxpayers

In a recent article published by The Center for Public Integrity entitled “How drugmakers sway states to profit off of Medicaid,” they share the shady underbelly of pharmaceutical companies and how they are influencing doctors to profit off of the Medicaid system. Here are some key points from this article:

So why should you care about these numbers and this controversy? Because Medicaid uses your tax dollars to pay for the health care of over 76 million poor or disabled Americans (and Medicaid accounts for more than a quarter of 26 states’ budgets). Medicaid drug costs also doubled between 2008-2016 which brought the program’s drug spending to a shocking $31 billion. While Medicaid should help those who cannot help themselves, it was never intended to pad the pocketbooks of doctors and pharmaceutical companies at the cost of taxpayers. To view the original article, “How drugmakers sway states to profit off of Medicaid: Medicaid drug costs rise, leading to tough state budget choices,” in its entirety, please click here.

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