Jennifer Banmiller and Dr Tsai Release Groundbreaking Book: Statutory Vape

Jennifer Banmiller and Dr Tsai Release Groundbreaking Book: Statutory Vape

How Big Tobacco transformed into a vaping public health crisis headed by America's youth.


SAN FRANCISCO, September 2, 2022 ( - Jennifer Banmiller, pro consumer advocate and owner of publishing company Periscope Group, and Dr. Tsai, renowned thoracic surgeon, have released an alarming and awakening book on the crisis that is vaping. What they uncovered was a horrific public health nightmare for American youth.

The purpose of this book is to expose this industry for what it is: an unconscionable business that makes billions by selling addictive and potentially fatal products to impressionable youngsters.

The authors hope to shine a spotlight on their insidious plan to hide the dangers of vaping from unsuspecting youth and the "irredeemably evil" fact documented in this book showing the industry preying on children as young as 8 years old by funding summer camps, paying community churches to distribute theorem material, and targeting veterans groups and other vulnerable populations. Targeting young people thus becomes an annuity for the tobacco industry, at a horrible cost to youth.

What began as a master's thesis for two graduate students ended up as the impetus for one of the most treacherous tricks ever played on the American people and particularly on teens and young adults. Insisting that their product was a smoking cessation product, vaping companies, backed by Big Tobacco companies who saw a way back into the youth smoking market share, created the most enticing and cool E-cigarette products imaginable. The marketing was purposeful. First, through packaging, using high-tech, teen-cool, easily hidden devices called vape pens, reminiscent of Apple products, both colorful and sleek.

No scientific testing was done to protect the public prior to the release of these products. And in the face of all this injury and death, E-cig companies only made minor changes to their products and methods when pressured, and even now, as the CDC declares a national vaping epidemic and every state in the U.S. has enacted laws to protect citizens, and over 60 people have died and thousands are permanently injured, these companies continue to profit.

In Statutory Vape, readers will discover how easy it actually was to perpetrate such a dangerous product, about how a simple design supposedly created for one use became a public health hazard once dollars were the prize, about the lack of scientific testing prior to the release of vapes, and about what is being done now so this never happens again.

To learn more about this national crisis and buy the book, please visit or

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Podcast with Dr. Tsai

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