JUUL / E CIGARETTE- what is it?

What is the product?
JUUL is a vaporized e-cigarette that uses changeable, nicotine liquid cartridges and

temperature regulation to produce vapor, an alternate to a traditional cigarette.
Who makes it? JUUL is made by JUUL Labs, who was partially acquired by Altria Group Inc in 2018.

Compensable cases we are looking for: The ideal JUUL case will be a member of the youth community whosuffered catastrophic physical injuries after using JUUL. These injuries include but are not limited to: transplants,cancer, ventilators, EVALI and long term or permanent medical care.

What Periscope Group has done with these cases: We have given youth consumers help by connecting them tocredible legal services. Unlike most other personal injury/tort cases, JUUL cases are being filed directly againstthe manufacturer and not being filed through a Multi-District Ligation (MDL).

How many cases do we have? We currently have pending JUUL cases, but now with the re- release of ourbook, we expect those numbers to rise drastically.

How many do we want? There is not a limit on the amount of cases that we will file. We will continue to acceptprivate, individual cases until justice is served.

Miscellaneous information you should have: We were the first to publish a book, Statutory Vape: How Ecigarettes Addicted a New Generation of Youth, that’s focus was exposing the industry for what it is: anunconscionable business that makes billions by selling addictive and potentially fatal products to impressionableyoungsters.

PREFACE - “Death snatches away many blooming children, the only hopes of their doting parents: how many ...have been one day in the bloom of health and hope, and the next a prey?” ― Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

We had just finished the book Crystal Mesh -- the unconscionable story of how women’s vital health concerns wereroutinely traded for increased profits by some of the world’s most well-known medical device makers...

And here we are again. The parallels are stunning and maddening. This time it is Big Tobacco- AGAIN- and otherhigh-tech vaping purveyors, rather than the medical device makers at the heart of the vaginal mesh scandal. But theplaybook is the same: build seemingly attractive products which at their heart are untested and often downrightdangerous, market them using huge financial resources and effective audience targeting techniques, and keep the

FDA and legislators in the dark or on your side to make sure you don’t have anyinterference as you scale your business to massive revenue opportunities.

...regular people (and taxpayers) who trusted the system and believed thehype, and end up hurt – and it is so painful to realize, sometimes even dead –in the end.

-Jennifer Banmiller

Informant: Nicole Hausmann

Please go to either of our websites if you or someone you know has beenaffected by JUUL. https://www.periscopegroup.com orhttps://statutoryvape.com

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