New York Toxicologist Proves Roundup Causes Cancer in Current San Francisco Trial

By Christina Morales, Editor-in-ChiefPeriscope News Group
August 2, 2018

San Francisco, CA - In the current trial involving Monsanto’s Roundup versus former groundskeeper DeWayne Johnson, evidence was presented that glyphosate shows a strong link to cancer. Hopefully these findings will finally hold Monsanto accountable for putting the health of countless people at risk.Johnson was a groundskeeper for the school district in Benicia, a suburb near San Francisco, and would regularly spray Roundup as part of his job averaging about 150 gallons of Roundup 20 to 30 times a year. During the four years that he was employed in this position, he started to develop rashes and lesions. Soon after, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a specific type of blood cancer. For decades Monsanto has adamantly claimed that Roundup does NOT cause cancer, but new evidence was presented in Johnson’s trial that clearly negates their claims that Roundup is safe. When toxicologist William Sawyer took the stand, he explained that glyphosate - the harmful ingredient found in Roundup - bioaccumulates in the skin which is then absorbed into the body. This would explain Johnson’s skin disorders and potentially his cancer diagnosis.Another key point that came from Sawyer’s testimony was the lack of thorough instructions that should be displayed on Roundup’s label. Johnson was accidentally drenched in Roundup twice and had adverse skin reactions. However, Roundup fails to warn its users how to fully protect themselves from the harmful chemicals and should explain that waterproof suits should be worn to completely protect the skin. Finally, Sawyer made the bold declaration that Roundup irritates the skin. Those who use it regularly (like farmers and groundskeepers) have an increased amount of Roundup absorbed into their bodies because their skin becomes more permeable. Additionally, Roundup is more carcinogenic (potentially cancer causing) than pure glyphosate because surfactants are added to the formula to help the chemical spread across plant surfaces. This is called POE-tallowamine and has never been fully studied to prove that it’s safe for humans (but note that it IS banned in Europe).Clearly Roundup poses a risk for those who regularly use this harmful product. Those who are now struggling with cancer should have been instructed on how to safely use these chemicals and they should have been warned of the potentially life-threatening risks. If you’ve been diagnosed with a blood cancer after regularly using Roundup, contact Periscope Group today. You were never warned of the risks and Monsanto should help you pay for your medical bills and loss of wages.

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